The Monster Club.Com got its start in 1995. Originally a two line BBS called Nightmarez Cafe, Cheryl (founder) geared the BBS towards her own love of horror films and tv shows, offering games, downloads, forum and more. About this time, Jace Witman joined the team and became co-sysop to the BBS as well as creating mascot "Tombcreeper". Around this time, Cheryl also teamed up with Reggie Bannister of Phantasm phame and his wife Gigi, to produce Nightmarez Cafe cable TV show.

In 1997 Cheryl, Jace and the other monster kids on the BBS got together and hosted a horror convention, Carnival of Horrors. The two day event featured guests such as Kane Hodder, Dick Warlock, Reggie Bannister and Gunnar Hansen, film screenings, haunted house and more.

In 1998 the first in a total of 13 issues of Monster News Zine was published.

With even more projects cooking, the time was right for a "home" on the web, The Monster Club.Com was then created as a house for Monster News and other activities.

In 2000, Cheryl acted as an executive producer of zombie comedy feature film, "Stop It, You're Killing Me".

More publications on the topic of horror films were yet to follow including books by Cheryl, Monster Movie Memories: From Movie Palace To Drive In and The Monster Club.Com Guide To Horror, as well as Monster News Online, an Ezine offering news on classic horror and the revision of classic horror.

The first Monster Club DVD, "The Monster Club.Com Presents: Festival of Fright", a treasury of classic horror movie trailers, was released by Synergy Entertainment in October 2006. A follow up trailer collection "The Monster Club.Com Presents: Festival of Fright 2" was released October 2007. "The Monster Club.Com Presents: Festival of Fright 3" was released October 2008. "Festival of Fright: Special 3-Disc Collection" was released September 2010. DVDs are currently available in stores and online.

Cheryl also acted as co-producer of Mr. Lobo's Midnight Spookshow, which combined the showing of "House On Haunted Hill" with live theater gimmicks and a release party for Monster Movie Memories: From Movie Palace To Drive In.

Some people who have contributed greatly in various areas include Joe Ann Roberts, Ron Roberts, Jace Witman (responsible for art and so much more!), Terry Wagner, Jeff Wilson, Dave Baker, Rick Locuson, Ernest Harris, Dan Johnson, Mr. Lobo, Doktor Goulfinger, John Cozzoli and Micheal Murry.

Cheryl's current passion is for Old Time Horror Radio. She has searched the globe to bring you 500 of the best stories available. Enjoy!

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