Event Volunteers Chat With Reggie Bannister After Carnival Of Horrors opening day.

I have gotten many requests for a Report on our event, "Carnival of Horrors" held October 25th and 26th 1997 in Sacramento California at the California State Fairgrounds. What a party it was! Over 1200 horror fans turned out to meet our special celebrity guests, of which included none other than Reggie Bannister (Reg - "Phantasm 1-4"), Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface - "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"), Dick Warlock (Michael Myers - "Halloween 2"), Kane Hodder (Jason - "Friday The 13th"), Carel Struycken (Lurch - "Addams Family", "Men In Black", "Star Trek TNG") Vampi - Hostess of Nightmarez Cafe TV, Chuck Williams - Director Producer of "Halloween The Happy Haunting Of America" and Frank Laloggia - Director Producer of "Lady In White" Besides getting the opportunity to meet these great people of the genre both "Happy Haunting of America" and "Lady in White" were screened in our theater. Both screenings were accompanied by live appearance and talk by Chuck Williams and Frank Laloggia. Other screenings included classic films such as "The Golem", "Nosferatu" and many more.

Our dealer room was busy with such kewl offerings from businesses such as Cinamania, Kaosium, Galactic imports, Black Rose Entertainment and more. The kiddies also enjoyed electronic games and fun stuff such as the Orbitron, the simulator (Where you REALLY on a haunted rollercoaster with Elvira?) and carnival booths where some of you really got to show how GOOD you are nearby the dealer room.

We were very proud of the official Post Office Cancelation Stamp in honor of our event!

The post office was there with Universal Monster Stamp memorabillia that simply..ROCKED! We were very happy and proud to be chosen for a special stamp cancelation in honor of the release of the Universal Stamps. (The envelope at the top of the page is an actual scan of the cancelation. Thank you, Sacramento Post Office!)

All in all...Carnival of Horrors was blast! A special thanks also to Tony Galeste for arranging some SUPER live music for the event. Eight Ball Junkies, Been and more were on hand to help us party!

Haunted House Volunteers

I think the most fun of all though had to be "Michael Williams Haunted House" !!! The volunteers did a FABULOUS job! What a scary bunch! They even scared ME!

My son, Michael Williams (The Surgeon - Haunted House designer and co ordinator) with Aaron Murry (The Undertaker)

I am very proud of the work my son, Michael did on his first professional haunted house. Despite problems and the usual emergencies that occur at any event, he handled it like a trouper and all in all, he and his crew did a remarkable job. in fact, we are currently thinking of doing a "Haunted Theater Monster Movie Show"...hrrrmmmm :)

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