Beyond Tomorrow

Trouble With Robots - The trouble with robots is that they do exactly as told, no matter what...

The Creaking Door

Auntie May - After a tragedy in which the woman he loves is killed, a man begins to have nightmares. Luckily sweet old Auntie May is there to help him through it all.

I See Ghosts - A man in a bar has a conversation with a beautiful murder victim.

Dark Fantasy

Spawn Of The Subhuman - A couple discover they are trapped on an airplane that is piloted by an opera singing, gorilla-like creature, on it's way to a mad scientist.

Seance - A medium develops the power to call forth not only raps and sounds at her seances, but also the visual image. Now a woman has come to talk to her dead mother. Is this medium for real?

W Is For Werewolf - A visit to the mysterious island home of a friend reveals the shocking discovery of a werewolf.

Funeral Arrangements - A couple arrive in the town where a house they have inherited is located. After seeing a ghost, they are told deceased aunt Priscilla has been dead years, not months, the house is inexplicably boarded up.

Rendezvous With Satan - Upon his death, an evil man finds himself in Hell, confronted by Satan. Can he wheel and deal his way out?


Life Span - A fake youth formula back fires when it actually works...and brings on terrible side effects.

Weekend Vacation - A family takes a weekend vacation only to find themselves trapped in a weird old house with an old woman and her creepy moronic grandson.

Catch Kill - Two little old ladies who run an antique shop have a horrific secret.


Zero Hour - The children are playing a new game called "Invasion", lead by a mysterious imaginary playmate. One mother begins to suspect it is more than just a game, will anyone believe her? A fine Ray Bradbury tale.

Dead Of Night - A ventriloquist's dummy decides he doesn't need his master any more.

How Love Came to Prof. Guildea - A professor is convinced that a horrible thing is in love with him.

Witch's Tale

Grave Yard Mansion Pt. 1 - Two brothers inherit a spooky Louisiana mansion. A mansion known as "House of the Dead".

Grave Yard Mansion Pt. 2 - Part two of our creepy tale...

The House Of The Bridegroom Pt. 1 - An American couple inherit a haunted house in England.

The House Of The Bridegroom Pt. 2 - Part two of our haunting tale...

The Weird Circle

The Evil Eye - A man is stricken with a strange malady, everyone he looks at becomes ill.

Jane Eyre - The classic story of a woman who is in love with a man who holds a terrible secret.

The Warning - A woman's brother returns from the dead to warn him away from the house of Waverly.


The Dunwich Horror - Suspense version of the classic The Dunwich Horror.

The Giant Of Thermopylaer - A mechanical creature traps a man, a man guilty of murder, in a funhouse.

The Furnished Floor - The tale of a man and his new bride who take back a room he shared with his dead wife. But something's not right..he's decorating it exactly as it was when his deceased wife was alive...

The Second Door - A man moves to an isolated house and discovers he has a neighbor he didn't expect; a neighbor with a mysterious door that goes anywhere.

Bells - A six room colonial cottage in the country is the setting for a series of ghostly phone calls to a psychic with a guardian angel.

The Lunatic Hour - A man is haunted by a ghost who accuses him of his murder and vows revenge.

Plan X - Jack Benny plays "Zeno" in this SciFi spoof about a Martian who is chosen to deal with incoming Earthmen and to initiate "Plan X".

The Sin Eater - An old man who eats the sins of others refuses to die out of fear of punishment in the hereafter. Someone new must be found to eat the old man's sins so that he can pass on...and his kin folk intend to find them.

X Minus One

Dr. Grimshaw's Sanitarium - A mad doctor conducts weird experiments in his private sanitarium.

Sleep No More

Conquerer's Isle - A plane wreck lands a crew on an island where a mutant super race is being created.

The Storm - A woman returns home in a storm, but something isn't quite right... The ending includes a reading (unrelated to the story) of the poem "Annabelle Lee" by EAP.

Three O'Clock - A man has the urge to murder his wife at three o'clock.

The Sealed Book

Devil's Island - Invited to an island to stay with relatives, a young woman discovers the island is haunted by the dead.


Edge Of Evil - A minister visits an old friend who lives in a haunted house. Will there be an exorcism? Screaming skulls, ghosts and lots of fun.

Final Resting Place - A man at a carnival is talked into being placed in a coffin and buried alive for 5 days under hypnosis.

Weekend - A medical student and his class are invited to a mansion on a remote island by a doctor he suspects of conducting evil experiments.

Hall Of Fantasy

The Castle Of Lavoca - While on vacation, a man and his wife discover the frightening secret of the Castle of Lavoca.

The Man In Black - Two men discover a woman in desperate search of a "man in black". When she is murdered, they soon discover death seems to follow to those who seek him.

Black Figurine Of Death - An old man vows revenge on his family after his death.

Inner Sanctum

The Black Sea Gull - Peter Lorre stars in this excellent show about a man who just can't face the loss of his wife.

The Dead Walk At Night - A greedy nephew murders his old, blind uncle for his money. If he's so dead, why is the nephew still hearing the "tap, tap, tap" of his cane?

Beyond The Grave - A dead woman and her cat haunt a frightened husband.

The Undead - Is a woman's husband a vampire? It's the 1940's, not the middle ages and they live on the 18th floor in a New York apartment. Preposterous...or not?

The Man From Yesterday - A giant gorilla, captured by a scientist, seeks revenge for a long ago happening in another life.

Dead Reckoning - Something comes out of the water to drag men on a ship to a watery death.

Murder Mansion - A man buys a haunted mansion with an attached cemetery that MUST stay.

Death Of A Doll - A dead girl's doll talks to a man, leading him to the very devil himself.

Origin of Superstition

The Boogy Man - The story of the origin of The Boogy Man.

Ghost Ships - Origin of the superstition of ghost ships.

Disturbing The Dead - Origin of the superstition against disturbing the dead.

2000 Plus

The Robot Killer - The Happy Sam Show sponsors want to give away a robot as a gimmick. Things go horribly wrong when the winners wife decides to use it for homicide.

The Giant Walks - A mad scientist, bent on inventing a super race, creates a giant.

The Insect - The wife of scientist who has created giant bugs becomes trapped in his laboratory while he is away.

The Green Thing - Patients in a mental hospital all begin to dream of a horrifying green thing.

Mystery House

The Thirsty Death - Bela Lugosi and John Carradine star in this tale of jealousy, mad dogs and death set in the jungles of North Africa.

Theater Five

The Homecoming - Either an old woman is truly insane, or her husband really has come back from the dead.

The Scream - A crane operator hears a scream just as his wrecking ball hits a lovely old mansion. His unbelieving boss visits the house one night and finds a dead night watchman and a ghostly old woman who implores him to save a piece of the house.

The Second Chance - After killing his wife, an aging Lathario uses a spell to reverse the aging process. A Twilight Zone-ish episode with tried but true moralistic consequences.

The Talkers - Two men in a post apoplectic world, that has become filled with weird bugs, enjoy precious conversation, until one of them begins to change....

House Of Mystery

A Gift From The Dead - Two men accept the invitation of ones sister, only to have her cancel their visit. Things get even weirder when her housekeeper calls to tell them her husband has returned from the dead.

The Ghost Who Forgot Halloween - Wonderfully nostalgic tale of a little boy ghost who is just too tired to haunt.

Hermit's Cave

Hanson's Ghost - A couple visit a creepy uncle who is convinced he can live on after death.

House On Lost Lands Bluff - A woman, her husband and brother seek shelter in a strange house during a storm. Once there, the brother commits suicide. Did the house drive him mad?

The House With A Past - A couple buy a charming house in the country and soon discover it is haunted.

Beyond Midnight

Happy Return - A man travels by ship to find his lost fiance, only to discover some very odd circumstances.

Let Me See Your Face - A man is intrigued by a mysterious, sad looking woman at a hotel pool, of which he cannot see a face.

Dimension X

Marrionettes Inc. - Marrionettes Inc. provides robot duplicates of people. Fool your spouse! But of course, this can lead to confusion and trouble.

Lights Out

Death Robbery - A scientist brings his wife back from the dead, but with horrific results. Stars Boris Karloff. One of our very favorites.

Murder In The Script Department - Two woman working late typing a Lights Out script discover the office is haunted.

Creature Off The Film - A crooked monster movie showman's creature comes alive off the screen.

Bon Voyage - Two little old ladies find themselves on a most amazing and frightening ship voyage.

Poltergeist - A group of girls decide to hike through an area with a graveyard to visit to an aunt and accidentally stir up a deadly poltergeist by dancing on a grave.

It Happened - A young woman is kidnapped and forced to make jewelry from the bones of corpses to pay back a debt her father incurred.

A Knock At The Door - A woman kills her mother in law and then decides to kill her dumb husbad, who she married for money. The only problem is, when she begins to impliment her plan, mama comes back...

Quiet Please

Whence Came You - A man meets up with a very weird and mysterious woman in Egypt who carries the smell of funeral spices.

The Pathetic Fallacy - A man builds a computer that just won't work, but why won't SHE?

Dark Gray Magic - A man buys a book of black magic for 45 cents and shortly thereafter a little devil shows up at his door.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

The Oblong Box - CBS Radio Mystery Theater adaptation of the classic story.

Premature Burial - CBS Radio Mystery Theater adaptation of the classic story.

Murders In The Rue Morgue - CBS Radio Mystery Theater adaptation of the classic story.

Speak Of The Devil - A young husband and wife are plagued by a demon , death, and a strange pregnancy after attending a seance.

The Resident - A bizzarre young woman and her cat harass an elderly woman when she moves to a remote house in the country.

Mother Love - A woman, unable to conceive, makes a deal with mystical "Mother Love" for the promise of a child, but Mother wants something in return...

The Crack In The Wall - A dead girl is brought back to life after her parents hear her talking to them through a crack in the basement wall.


Of Magic And Mephistopheles - A beleaguered carnival magician makes a deal with the devil.

Sentimental Journey - A 25th anniversary cruise turns out to have more in store for a selfish woman than she could ever imagine.

The Haunting Hour

Uptown Express - A girl takes a subway ride five years into the furture.

Ptolemy's Grave - A mummy returns from the grave.

Classic Monsters

Frankenstein - The Weird Circle version of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein - The Suspense version of Frankenstein.

Werewolf - Bride of the Werewolf from I Love A Mystery.

Werewolf - The Werewolf of Hamilton Mansion from The Shadow.

Dracula - The CBS Mystery Theater's version of Dracula.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - NBC Short Story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Mysterious Traveler

The Good Die Young - A little girl goes to ultimate extremes to extract revenge on her new stepmother.

Tales Of The Unexpected

Death Of A Monster - Supposed true account of a professor who discovers evidence of a modern day giant sloth.

Trail Of The Warebeast - Supposed true account of the hunt of a werewolf-like beast.

The Skull Of Battiscomb - Supposed true account of the skull of a slave that carries a curse.

Two Heads Are Better - Supposed true account of seamen who discover a bizarre two headed beast.

Film Of Death - Supposed true account of a man who captures pictures of the spirits of his wife and son at the moment of death.