Lux Theater

Phantom of the Opera - Lux Theater presents the classic tale.

The Canterville Ghost - Radio adaptation of the classic. Stars Charles Laughton and Margaret O'Brien.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - Radio adaptation of the classic ghost tale. Stars Charles Boyer.

Sorry, Wrong Number - Adaptation of the movie, originaly adapted from another radio show, "Suspense". Stars Barbara Stanwyck.

Gaslight - Reinaction of the famous movie. Is a woman haunted by the spirit of her dead aunt? Or is it something far worse? Stars Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.

The Wizard of Oz - Flying monkeys, witches, freaky forrest, this classic might be for kids, but it has some great scary moments. Stars Judy Garland.

The Day The Earth Stood Still - The scifi classic, reinacted for radio. Paul Frees (famous voice over artist) acts as narrator.

The Creaking Door

The Dummy - A man is possessed by a ventriloquist dummy.

Cats Whiskers - The strange tale of a woman becoming a cat. Great ending. Creepy!

The Strange Dr. Weird

Summoning of Chandor - A mystic has the power to summon the dead.

Journey into the Unknown - A mad scientist is accidentally turned into an ape.

Weird Circle

Mad Monkton - A man goes in search of his uncle's dead body, coffin in tow, to end a family curse.

The Wooden Ghost - A 300 year old ghost seeks to hear three words that will set him free.

The Ghost's Touch - A woman's scientist relative invents a serum that causes people to become impervious to pain, but the ghost of her dead fiance interferes.

The Case of Monsieur Valdemar - The famous Poe story. Vincent Price played Valdemar in Corman's version.

The House and the Brain - A man and his wife can't resist a night in a haunted house. They soon find out the bizarre secret behind the haunting.

The Werewolf - A boy discovers the terrible truth about his strange new stepmother.

What Was It - An invisibe flesh eating beast haunts a bording house.

Doll - A greedy man and a gypsy set out to create a living doll that will murder and rob.

Frankenstein - Weird Circle's version of the classic tale.

Fear On Four

The Snow Man Killing - A family with 2 boys moves into a new house. One boy begins to see a snowman no one else can see, while the other develops an odd malady.

William and Mary - A scientific experiment involves keeping a man's brain and eyeball alive after his death.


The Birds - Based on the same story as the Alfred Hitchcock film.

Dead of Night - A ventriloquist becomes convinced that his dummy wishes to abandon him for better things.

Mystery In The Air

The Lodger - A strange man takes a room in a family's house. Starring Peter Lorre and Agnes Moorehead.

The Horla - A man becomes convinced he is being controlled by an entity. Stars Peter Lorre.

The Chase

Countess Treanna - A newlywed couple meet a strange foreign woman on their honeymoon who has weird and mysterious intentions for the husband.

The Price Of Fear

Eye for an Eye - A chef creates a fantastic new dish, live octopus. Unfortunately, revenge is on the dessert menu. Starring and hosted by Vincent Price.

Cat's Cradle - A creepy tale of mother's revenge, a kitten's mother this is, starring Vincent Price as himself.


Interview with Vincent Price - Vincent Price discusses his radio career. Really interesting, a "don't miss" for Price fans!

Inner Sanctum

The Tell Tale Heart - Classic Poe starring Boris Karloff.

The Wailing Wall - A man walls in his wife, but continues to hear her moans for years. Stars Boris Karloff.

Mysterious Traveler

Death is the Visitor - A man murders his mother in law, only to have her return, again and again!

If You Believe - A scientist creates a blob monster.

The Haunted Trailer - A light hearted haunting in, of all places, a trailer.

Behind the Locked Door - A man travels to the Grand Canyon, only to meet with a cave-dwelling, mutant.

Hermit's Cave

Mystery of the Strange Thing - A woman, found wandering in the cemetery, dressed in ragged clothing and plagued with amnesia, marries the town doctor but is haunted by a mysterious spectre.

The Vampire's Desire - Two men seeking shelter in a creepy old house uncover the home of a vampire.

House of Purple Shadows - The story of a house that absorbs people, leaving their tormented spirits to haunt it.

Spirits of Vengeance - Spirits of the dead come back to extract a confession.

House of Murder - A scientist's house is haunted by a spirit that doesn't want him to complete experiments.

Buried Alive - A woman's spirit returns from the grave after being buried alive.

Quiet Please!

The Room Where Ghosts Live - A dying man tells a ghostly tale.

My Son John - A man is offered the chance to bring his dead son back to life.

Tanglefoot - A man takes a murderous giant fly as a pet.

Northern Lights - Two Scientists experiment by sending items through time with unusual results.

Clarissa - A man shares a house with another man who has a daughter that he keeps hidden.

The Thing on the Fourble Board - A man tells the tale of exactly who or what? he found on the fourble board.

Don't Tell Me About Halloween - A lighter hearted tale of a witch who spies on her evil intending, philandering husband in a number of different guises.

Round The Horne

Movie Go Wrong - Frankenstein's Monster - Hilarious take off on Frankenstein. Horror comedy fans, don't miss this one!

Dark Fantasy

Coffin for Two - A husband and wife inherit a very creepy and dangerous estate, corpses and all.

The Thing from the Sea - A sea creature commandeers the ship of a film director, his actress daughter and her actor fiance.

The Man with the Scarlet Satchel - An electronics scientist finds a creepy way to extract revenge for his murder.

The Screen Directors' Playhouse

The Ghost Breakers - Radio adaptation of the classic movie. Stars Bob Hope.

The Uninvited - Radio adaptation of the classic ghost story film. Stars Ray Milland.

The Sealed Book

To Have and to Hold - A woman visits her aunt and uncle who live in a creepy mansion and who no one have seen in forty years.

Stranger in the House - A young couple move into haunted Wickford Manor, whereupon the husband proceeds to fall in love with a resident female ghost.

Hall Of Fantasy

The Shadow People - Shadow people who kill in the darkness are after a young woman.

The Crawling Thing - A scientist experiments on a Tarantula with growth chemicals that cause it not only to increase in size, but also to become dangerously intelligent.

The Judge's House - A man rents a house to find that it is inhabited by a giant rat with weird eyes.

The Cask of Amontillado - By Edgar Allan Poe. This story served as the basis for the middle story, about a vengeful wine connoisseur, in Roger Corman's anthology, "Tales of Terror" (1962).

Dance of the Devil Dolls - Scary story about a witch and dancing voodoo dolls.

He Who Follows Me - A ghost follows those who trespass his tomb.

The Clock

The Past or Present - A couple take refuge in a strange house, filled with bizzare people. Could they be long gone figures from the past?


Christina - A woman retreats to a house in the country, only to discover an odd girl in the garden.

Lights Out

Valse Trieste - Two woman find themselves captured by a madman who wants to marry one of them...the other will die!

The Little People - A scientist murders, then shrinks the bodies of his wife and her lover.

Little Old Lady - A woman and her friend go to visit her aunt Harriet, only to discover something horrible about her cat.

Spider - Two men encounter a giant spider in the jungle.

Sub Basement - A mal-intending man takes his cheating wife to the sub basement of the department store where he works and discovers a horrible creature.

Cat Wife - A man discovers that his wife is a giant cat.

The Organ - A family rents a haunted house in the country.

The Dark - A weird "creeping darkness" turns people inside out.

Revolt of the Worms - A scientist experiments with growth hormones, invoking monstrous results


Fugue In C Minor - Haunting tale featuring a pipe organ that plays itself. Starring Vincent Price.

The Pit and the Pendulum - The classic E. A Poe tale, starring Vincent Price.

Three Skeleton Key - Men are trapped in a lighthouse by malicious rats. Stars Vincent Price.

Most Dangerous Game - A man is stranded on an island which happens to the home of a most eccentric hunter. Stars Orson Welles.

The Death of Alexander Jordan - An old man insists that a button that rings a bell be placed in his hands when he is placed in the crypt upon his death.

Donovan's Brain - An evil man's brain is kept alive by a well meaning scientist. Yes, the classic tale.

Hitchhiker - A mysterious hitchhiker stalks a traveler.

Ghost Hunt - A radio DJ pulls a "stunt" to help sell a haunted house by spending the night in it.

The House in Cypress Canyon - There is something scary in the house....locked inside the closet!

Witch's Tale

The Devil's Numbers - 13 drops of blood is all it takes to make the dead return to life in a spooky old castle on Friday the 13th.

Graveyard Mansion - Two brothers inherit an old mansion in Louisiana that is rumored to be haunted.

Hairy Monster 1&2 - The tale of a monster with 6 foot long hair.

Tourists Accommodated - A traveling couple is put up for the night by a strange woman in a spooky house.

X Minus One

Perigee's Wonderful Dolls - A little girl obtains a most unusual doll.

The Parade - Martians hire an ad agency to promote a parade on Earth. But why?

Mars is Heaven - When a spaceship from Earth lands on Mars, the crew discovers the planet is inhabited by their dead loved ones.

Hostess - A woman plays hostess to an alien psycologist who may or may not have a hidden agenda.

Beyond Midnight

The Room - A man is offered money to stay overnight locked in a room in a creepy mansion by a strange widow.

Mercury Theater

War of the Worlds - The original "War of the Worlds" broadcast. Nothing like the real thing kiddies, this is the one that scared em!

Holiday Specials

How The Grinch Stole Christmas - How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Boris Karloff.

Our Miss Brooks - Episode "Halloween Party". Walter talks Miss Brooks into throwing a Halloween party.

Life Of Riley - Episode "Haunted House". Riley finds himself in a haunted house on Halloween.

Ozzie and Harriet - Episode "The Haunted House". Ozzie visits a haunted house on Halloween.

Father Knows Best - Episode "A Spooky Cemetery". Fun show has the "Father Knows Best" family stranded in a spooky cemetery on Halloween.

Jack Benny - Episode "Jack Benny throws a Halloween party." Join Jack for Halloween fun!


Funhouse - Imagine being trapped in funhouse that is anything but...fun....