Blue Beetle

Dancing Ghost Of Rocky Hill - Super hero Blue Beetle is trapped in a haunted manor.

Spirits Don't Talk - Blue Beetle sets out to expose bogus mediums and psychics.

The Abbott and Costello Show

Bela Lugosi - Guest Star Bela Lugosi as the creepy new neighbor in a spooky house.

Peter Lorre - Guest Star Peter Lorre as the head of a mental sanitarium.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Imp In The Bottle - A young man purchases an imp in a bottle from his dying uncle. Upon opening the bottle, a monstrous thing emerges.

The Thing In The Cave - A woman, her husband and friends return to a cave remembered from childhood. She and her party soon discover the beautiful cavern has more to offer than memories, specifically, a thing…a weird thing...

Fall Of The House Of Usher - CBS Radio Mystery Theater's version of the classic EAP tale.

Hall Of Fantasy

The Return From Death - A scientist experiments with bringing the dead back to life.

Demon Of The Night - A mysterious man with hairy hands purchases an old house in a small town.

The Beast With Red Eyes - A man, haunted by a beast with red eyes, enlists the aid of a doctor who has written a book on the supernatural.

The Twisting Weeds Of Death - A woman missing for 20 years returns as a phantom woman with seaweed hair to point out her killer.

Stone's Revenge - A dead man returns from the grave to extract revenge for being locked out outside and freezing to death in a storm at a cabin years ago,

The Sea Phantom - A writer and an artist rent a huge old house by the sea, where upon they are lured to a ghost ship, by the voice of a woman calling for help.

The Golden Bracelet Of Amun-Iris - When the tomb of Queen Amun-Iris, cruel master of men, is disturbed, someone has to pay...


On A Country Road - A man and woman are stranded in the country, with a maniac on the loose. Stars Cary Grant.

And So Died Riabouchinska - A Ray Bradbury story about a ventriloquist's dummy, modeled after a missing woman, that is just a little bit too lifelike.

Back For Christmas - Peter Lorre plans a "Devil's Garden" in the basement. Conveniently, his wife is going on vacation….

Lazarus Walks - A man who has been brought back from death develops the ability to detect lies and an inability to stop from telling he knows the person has lied.

Dark Destiny

Masquerade - It's Halloween and there is a party at a spooky mansion. What a place for a murder; especially when the victim won't stay dead.

Witch's Tale

The Entomologist - On an expedition to Africa with the woman he loves, an entomologist discovers that a physically bug like and creepy fellow entomology professor, is greatly attracted to his lover. His intentions are to steal her. But why? (Scratchy in some parts, but a really great story.)

The Violin - When a cheating wife is unable to seduce a handsome violin player, she pretends that he has insulted her virtue and her husband kills him, As he lay dying, he places a curse on the family.

Inner Sanctum

The Skull That Walked - A skull that is removed from an Indian burial ground haunts, terrorizes and murders those who exhumed it.

The Creeping Wall - A woman imagines walls are closing in on her, so naturally, her husband pops out and buys her a huge mansion, like any good husband would. Never mind the resident snakes and portrait of Delilah....

Over My Deadly Body - A rich man orders a coffin and fakes his death. A special ringing signals his need for release of the tomb. A relative decides to make sure the signal is never answered and now the ringing won't stop.

Death Watch In Boston - A doctor, disturbed by loss of a patient who had the same heart condition as he, is visited by a Poe quoting Raven and a mysterious man named Charon who hints that he is the grim reaper.

Tales From The Shadows

The Man In The Crowd - An Edgar Allen Poe tale about a man who becomes obsessed with an old man in a crowd.

The Rats In The Walls - An H. P. Lovecraft tale about a man who discovers rats in the walls and a horrible secret about his family.

The Moonlit Road - Famous tale by Ambrose Bierce in which a man is haunted by the murder of his wife.

A Graveyard Of Ghost Tales

The Ghostly Hand Of Spital House - Vincent Price tells this tale of a dead man's hand and ghostly happenings at Spital House.

Bond Of Reunion - Vincent Price tells this tale of six companions who promise to meet up again. Now one of them has died...

Leg Of Gold - When the wife of a rich man loses her leg, her husband has a new made of gold for her. When she dies, a valet steals the golden leg. Now the wife wants it back.

Screen Guild Theater

Arsenic And Old Lace - Starring Boris Karloff, who even mentions how a certain creaking door has always "reminded him of Inner Sanctum"

Beyond Midnight

The Green Vase - A man inherits a haunted house.

Black Chapel

The Crawling Terror - A young couple fall in love with a house and decide to buy it. The only problem is, it comes with a crawling thing....a crawling thing that.... eats things....

Eerie Stories

The Case Of The Disappearing Professors - A detective discovers four professors decapitated heads, being kept alive by a mad scientist. Weird, strange and wonderful!

House Of Mystery

Bat Boy - A half human bat boy haunts a town.

Vanishing Point

The Playground - When a father is persuaded to introduce his reclusive son to the local playground, he becomes convinced that something is very wrong with the playground and the children, very wrong indeed…

Skin - The valuable work of a magnificent artist shows up as a tatoo on the skin of an ill old man, A rich man offers to exhibit the man in exchange for wealth and other wonders, but is everything as it should be?

Meteor - A race of aliens, looking for a compatable planet, land on a planet inhabited by horrible creatures.

Free To A Good Home - A couple place an ad to give away kittens only to have a strange woman call to request a particular kitten, that she insists the couple not give her away. She knows far more about a particular kitten....and things are getting weirder...

The Enormous Radio - A couple comes into possession of a radio, a very special radio, as they can hear into other people's lives. Of course, there is always a price.


What Was It? - A ghost hunter takes up residence in a reported haunted boarding house. He and another guest soon capture an invisible ghoul that haunts it. A version of this episode was also broadcast on OTR show The Weird Circle.


The Man In The Mirror - A man who has been killed in a car accident makes a deal with a mysterious entity to go back and change the event that caused his death. Now he must contend with "the man in the mirror".

The Crystaline Man - An Egyption exploration team discovers a crystalline statue of a man. After it is placed in a museum, a series of mysterious deaths begin to occur.

The Avenger - A man is pursued by a mysterious and deadly avenger, due to an African curse.

Mind Webs

A Walk In The Dark - By Arthur C. Clarke, from the book, "Reach For Tomorrow". There isn't one among us who can't sympathize with this poor space traveler's situation. We've all been there…walking…alone…in the dark…imagining…something is... out there…

The Plot Is The Thing - A reclusive woman, who wants to do nothing, but watch old horror movies, is taken to a hospital for treatment, with unexpected results.

Theater Five

The Welcome Lady - A couple meet the new neighborhood welcome lady. Seems she once lived in an old haunted mansion in town and she can still hear the tortured screams from the dungeon....

The Trouble With Alfie - An imaginative young man, who no one will believe, finds a unique way of dealing with a tenant who is murdering and collecting corpses in a room of his parent's lodging house.

Glimpse of Eternity - A scientist, searching for youth, experiments on his friend's dog, slowing down the aging process. He succeeds, but unfortunately the dog becomes a bloodthirsty monster...

The Neighbor - A new neighbor, who doesn't eat, sleep or leave his house, arouses the suspicions and fears of the couple next door.

Lorns Is A Strange Child - A mysterious girl shows up at a school, refusing to register and claiming she has never been out of the house before. When a teacher takes her home, it becomes more and more apparent that something is very wrong with Lorna...or...

Mama's Girl - A woman, recently released from a mental hospital, who incessantly calls her mother, is convinced that her husband is having an affair with the neighbor.

Toby's Wonderful Egg - An old seaman discovers a sea serpent egg and cares for it.

Little Girl, Little Girl - A weird little girl with a gun terrorizes a store keeper.

Theater Ten Thirty

The Thing In The Hall - A man convinces his practical doctor friend that "the thing in the hall" is indeed a supernatural being.

Ghost Town Hermit - A couple investigate a ghost town that is not only inhabited by a bizarre old hermit, but haunted as well.

Trespassers Will Be Experimented Upon - A man and woman return to the castle of a bizarre Baron who was an influence on the man's Nobel prize winning achievements. What they don't know is he has a brain transplant on his mind...theirs!

Tales Of The Bizzare

I Sing The Body Electric - A Ray Bradbury tale about a family who bring in an electric grandmother to replace their dead mother.

The Man Upstairs - A Ray Bradbury tale about a boy who suspects his grandmother's new upstairs border is a vampire.

Skeleton - A man becomes obsessed with his own skeleton and seeks a most unusual doctor to help him with his malady.

The Scythe - A Ray Bradbury story about a man and his family, broke and hungry, who find a farmhouse with a dead body in it. The body has a will attached, leaving the farm to the man who finds his body. Of course, things are not as fortunate as they seem...

The Jar - A Ray Bradbury story about the unusual contents of a jar at a carnival freakshow.

Lights Out

Visitor From Hades - When a man has fight with his wife and physically abuses her, the devil himself pays a visit to their apartment.

Crazy Town - Two heartless Nazi pilots, on a mission to bomb a town, crash and find themselves victims of some pretty creepy folk…

The Story Of Mister Maggs - A whipped hubby buys a locked trunk at an auction, a haunted trunk, full of horrible surprises!

The Word - After being stuck at the top of the Empire State Building, a couple discovers they are perhaps the last people on Earth.

Scoop - When a new boss fires a life long dedicated newspaperman, he must contend not only with the man's suicide, but his vengeful return from the grave.

Nobody Died - A doctor who invents a serum that returns health and youth to the sick and aged, but with the moralistic lesson one might imagine.


Evening Primrose - A man moves into a department store and soon discovers a strange family of pale, bizarre individuals are sharing his abode.

The Earthmen - Earthmen land on Mars, but no one seems to be reacting quite as they expect.

Mysterious Traveler

Queen Of The Cats - A man discovers that his wife has returned from the dead as a cat.

They Who Sleep - A woman seeks the assistance of a hypnotist who possesses the powers to transfer souls.

Death Is The Judge - A man and woman purchase a bell that has the power to bring the dead back to life.

The Sealed Book

My Beloved Must Die - A mysterious man appears, who seems to have the power to mesmerize women and cause evil everywhere he goes.

Welcome Home - A man takes his new wife to his ancestral home, a place where the family tomb has been outfitted with telephone…to avoid premature burial. Will they need to use it?

Beware Of Tomorrow - The tale of a robot with the partial brain of a murderer gone wild.

Hermit's Cave

The Professors's Elixir - A woman hires a mystical proffessor to murder her husband via a strange elixir and magic spell.

Fever - A rich old man dies, but refuses to part from his money and comes back....

The Spirits of Vengeance - A woman and her son visit her brother who is convinced the spirits of his dead parents haunt the family home.

Reflected Image - A mysterious woman leads two men, who are thirsting to death in the desert, to a cabin and water. But something isn't right....

The Search for Life - Scientists experiment with bringing the dead back to life. Somewhat reminiscent of "Death Robbery" from "Lights Out"

Dimension X

There Will Come Soft Rains - A story about an automated, futuristic house that continues to live after a nuclear explosion kills it's human occupants.

The Martain Chronicles - Humans who have migrated to Mars return to Earth to discover an odd family of survivors.

Nightmare - A "Maximum Overdrive" type story in which a man becomes aware that machines are taking over the world.

Child's Play - A beleagered man receives what is supposed to be a child's "Build-A-Man" set. Of course, it actually works and he proceeds to create an exact clone of himself.

Tales Of The Frightened

Just Inside The Cemetary - Boris Karloff narrates this story about a man who encounters grave diggers at a local cemetery and feels something is very wrong, but what?

Never Kick A Black Cat - Boris Karloff narrates this story about what happens when a man kicks a black cat.

The Fortune Teller - Boris Karloff narrates this story about a gypsy fortune teller who predicts horrific future happenings.

Call At Midnight - Boris Karloff narrates this story about a lonely man who receives a call from an old girlfriend. But something is wrong, very wrong...

Nightmare - Boris Karloff narrates this story about a prisoner who is plagued with horrific nightmares.

Voice From The Grave - Boris Karloff narrates this story about a man who is saved from a car accident by a ghostly little girl.

The Creaking Door

Don't Take My Blood - A man is asked to give his blood to save the life of a young girl. He doesn't want to, but why not is the question!

Don't Go Down The Mine - A geologist and his wife discover a mine that is haunted by ancient Druids while on a motor trip.

Bring Back Her Bones - A man travels to Haiti to hire a Voodoo doctor to travel in time to bring back his wife's skeleton.

The Mon In The Morgue - A story about a corpse in a morgue that seems to have risen from the slab.

The Vagrant - Did you ever have a dead woman talk to you? After you murdered her? This vagrant has and he stays drunk not hear it.

Three Wishes - An odd looking stone in a pendant carries an inscription that grants three wishes.

Death In Your Hands - A gypsy woman sees death in a doctor's hands.

Haunted Tales Of The Supernatural

Little Girl Lost - A little girl and her grandmother make a habit of talking to her dead grandfather. Now that grandma is dying, what is a little girl to do?