August Heat - An artist is mysteriously lead to a man who is engraving a tombstone, his!

A Man In The House - A spinster and her elderly mother are held captive in their own home by a madman.

Dead Ernest - A man who suffers from catalepsy is in an accident and loses the note that explains his condition. Will he be embalmed alive?

The Great Horrell - A woman discovers that her mentalist husband really can read her mind and control her thoughts.

Return To Dust - A scientist accidentally shrinks to microscopic proportions during an experiment.

The Waxwork - A reporter spends the night in a creepy wax museum that is filled with the likeness of murderers, very lifelike murderers!

The Curse Of Kamoshek - A human bone brings an Egyptian curse and a mummy!

Devilstone - A man inherits a haunted Irish mansion.

Blackbeard's Ace - The ghosts of pirates haunt a woman when she and her husband stay at the remote house of an absent aunt.

X Minus One

Something For Nothing - A man finds a wishing machine that delivers anything he desires.

Wherever You May Be - A man meets a backwoods girl who possesses magic powers.

Martian Death March - Earthmen deal with spider-like Martians in a futuristic, western-ish world.

The Moon Is Green - A woman living in a lead protected environment after an atomic explosion falls in love with an "outsider".

Ghost Stories From Non Horror Shows

Barry Craig - Ghosts Don't Die In Bed - When a man disappears from his home, hostile occupants claim not to know him and that they themselves have inhabited the house for over 20 years.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - Ghost To Ghost Matter - An insurance investigator investigates a haunting.

The Saint - The Ghost Who Came To Dinner - A man claims that a house is haunted by the occupants that lived there 100 years ago. Starring Vincent Price.

Phyl Coe Mysteries - The Laughing Ghost - Ghostly laughter is heard in the woods outside the estate where a man has been murdered.

Mr. Keene - Murder And The Revengeful Ghost - A woman seeks help investigating the murder of her finace, who she claims was murdered by his dead wife.

Boston Blackie - A ghost light emanates from a haunted lighthouse.

The Strange Dr. Weird

The Man Who Talked To Death - A story about a morgue attendant who talks to the dead.

Revenge From The Grave - "Renaldo The Great" returns from the grave to extract revenge.

The Man Who Played Dead - An escaped murderer hides in a horror wax museum.

Death In The Everglades - A couple murder an uncle who resides in the swamplands with his "friends", the alligators!

Ghost Ship - A crew is trapped aboard a deadly, haunted ghost ship.

He Woke Up Dead - A scientist who studies death wakes up dead.

The Man Who Lived Twice - A brain transfer brings about unexpected results.

The Tiger Cat - A scientist, who experiments with animals, murders a woman who believes she will return to life as a cat.

The Knife Of Death - A knife causes those who posess it to kill. But why?


The Angel Of Death - A woman is haunted by the eerie cries of her dead brother from the attic.

Author's Playhouse

The Kracken - Men on a submarine battle a giant sea creature.

At Midnight 31st Of March - A small town is weirdly and inexplicibly cut off from the rest of the world.

My Friend Merton - A ghostly comedy about a small time criminal who finds himself in a haunted house with a boozy ghost.

The Inexperienced Ghost - The light hearted tale of a ghost who needs help to haunt.

The Country Of The Blind - The story of a sighted man who finds himself in an eerie country of the blind. By H.G Wells.

Challenge Of The Yukon

Magnanimous Ghost - An old minor's cabin is haunted by a ghost that leaves gold nuggets for the occupants.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

The Locked Room - A homely rich girl brings her new husband to an old mansion she is set to inherit, a mansion with one locked door.

City Of The Dead - Undersea explorers discover man-like creatures in the depths of the ocean. Adapted from the works of H.G Wells.

Legacy Of Guilt - A young couple with a new baby move into an old victorian house that comes with an antique mirror that reflects the resident ghost.

In The Name Of The Father - A woman writer goes to a small seaside town and discovers it's a very strange place indeed.

The Rat - A mad scientist extracts revenge on his cheating wife and her lover via trained rats.

A Sacrifice In Blood - A couple's adopted son is accused of conducting evil lab experiments. Of course they did find him on a slab in a satanic temple…hrrrmmm….

All Things Must Die - A woman is very fond of her houseplants...and they are VERY fond of her...

Christopher Lee's Fireside Tales

The Monkey's Paw - The classic tale of repercussions for bringing the dead back to life.

The Man And The Snake - A man is terrorized by a snake. Story by Ambrose Bierce.

The Black Cat - E. A. Poe's classic tale of a man slipping into murderous madness, driven there by his perverse love / hate of cats.

The Man Of Science - Can the dead return to extract revenge?

John Charrington's Wedding - "No one ever thought that May Forster would marry John Charrington; but he thought differently...."

Jack Benny

The Ghost Of Diamond Jim Brady - Jack and his friends attend a seance (comedy - horror).

Halloween Masquerade Party - Jack throws a Halloween masquerade party with the usual hilarious results. (Halloween seasonal / comedy).

Haunted House - Jack Benny is challenged to spend the night in a haunted house. (comedy / horror). Warning: terrible audio quality, but a great show.

Various Shows With Horror Guest Stars

Bird's Eye Open House - Dinah Shore hosts with Peter Lorre as guest. Peter Lorre plays mind tricks in this bizarre coupling of apple pie Americana and horror.

Bergen And McCarthy - Orsen Welles appears on the Bergen And McCarthy Halloween special.

Philco Radio Time - Boris Karloff guests on a Philco Radio Time Halloween special.

The Pepsodent Show - Bob Hope hosts, Peter Lorre guest stars on The Pepsodent Show.

Spike Jones - Peter Lorre guests on Spike Jones.

Sealtest Variety Theater - Guest star Boris Karloff.

Strange Adventure

The Phantom Bride - A phantom saves a man from a chilling death.

Ghost Town - A ghost town is haunted by a curse.

The Friendly Ghost - Is the ghost of a salesman riding a train?

Ghost Leopard - Is the ghost of leopard haunting a zookeeper?

The White Shawl - A woman has a psychic dream that leads to a murderer.

The Curse Of The Kalihari - A man is cursed to drown in the desert by an old indian.

Chandu The Magician

House Of Fear - A weird house in the middle of the desert is full evil (Incomplete, a spooky part in a series of less spooky).

Blood Oath - "By the power of 3 x 3, I will look into the secret room..." A crystal ball mysteriously reveals secrets.

Exorcism - Chandu's sister is put under the spell of an ancient Egyptian black magic figure.

General Mills Adventure Theater

Different Ghost Town - A couple find themselves trapped in a spooky ghost town after running out of gas.

Afternoon Theater

Before The Screaming Starts - While parking on a lover's lane, a woman's husband is abducted by a UFO.

With A Whimper To The Grave - Aliens invade the brain of a child. Now his father, who possesses a sixth sense, must "walk through" his son's mind to communicate with them.

Mystery In The Air

The Mask Of Medusa - There is something not quite right about this wax museum's evil criminals exhibit. They are far too realistic!

Inner Sanctum

Song Of The Slasher - A policeman discovers he is living in the same building as murdering maniac.

The Lonely Sleep - A nerdy window dresser works with a window dummy that is a little too lifelike.

Dimension X

The Potters Of Firsk - The Potters Of Firsk make a most unusual pottery, in every color but yellow. Why?

Dwellers In Silence - After abandoning Earth for Mars, due to a nuclear explosion, a space crew discover a lone scientist and his family inhabiting the planet upon return. But something isn't right…

Blackstone The Magic Detective

The Ghost In The Crypt - A haunted house might just have a ghost in it's crypt.

The Ghost That Wasn't - Mr. Weldon summons Blackstone to solve a murder that occurred in his haunted family home.

Footsteps In The Night - A woman's family home is haunted by boots that walk around by themselves.

Riddle Of The Seven Zombies - Blackstone's assistant stumbles into a castle of zombies.

The Accusing Corpse - Blackstone investigates the death of a woman that lay in state in a house that emanates evil.

Lights Out

The Dream - A man awaits a jury's execution decision. Could a phantom woman's chants of "kill, kill, kill!" have made him do it?

The Man In The Middle - The weird tale of what happens when a man betrays his own thoughts?

Nature Study - A nature expedition takes some horrific turns.

Uninhabited - Three very different soldiers find themselves on a train at Christmas 1918.

State Executioner - A hangman remembers his career, one case in particular.

NBC Short Story

The Lottery - Shirley Jackson's creepy classic story about a small town that holds a lottery.

Fall Of The House Of Usher - NBC Short Story version of the classic tale by Poe.

The Cask Of Amontillado - NBC Short Story version of the classic tale by Poe.

The Oblong Box - NBC Short Story version of the classic tale by Poe.

The Tell Tale Heart - NBC Short Story version of the classic tale by Poe.

The Thing In The Tunnel - NBC Short Story version of the classic tale of a ghostly signalman by Charles Dickens.

Front Page Drama

ALERT - Some of the following are a bit hard to hear, but great shows!

The Ghost Knocks - A family is plagued by a poltergeist that knocks on walls.

The Ghost Doctor - A "ghost doctor" helps two women rid their house of a haunting.

The Ghost Painter - A man plans to fake his famous dead grandfather's paintings for a profit.

The Ghost Of The Catacombs - A medium contacts a ghost in the catacombs of the dead.

The Ghost Fire - Did the most haunted house in England commit suicide?

The Ghost Ship - Happenings on a reportedly haunted ship.

The Ghost Of Richard Riker - A bag of gold in exchange.

Theater Ten Thirty

Two Little Punctures - A mysterious illness is characterized by two small puncture wounds to the neck.

The Yellow Wallpaper - A woman moves to a house that has some very creepy wallpaper.

The Monkey's Paw - A classic tale that deals with consequences of bringing the dead back to life.