Adaptive Ultimate - A scientist invents a serum that allows humans to adapt to any condition and uses it to save a dying woman. Unfortunately, she is able to adapt to anything...and becomes more and more powerful! Can she be stopped?

Casting Of The Runes - A man must escape an ancient "casting of the runes" curse.

Ancient Sorceries - A on a train stop man is warned against staying in an odd town...something about cats?

Taboo - You are alone in the dark forest and behind you somewhere is the werewolf, waiting to drink your blood!

The Loup-Garou - A newcomer is suspected of being a swampland manimal, "Loup Garou".

Papa Benjamin - A jazz band leader uses a gun to extract revenge for a voodoo curse that has been placed upon him.

The Time Machine - H.G. Wells classic tale of time travel.

Pollak And The Porrah Man - After stealing an idol, a man is cursed by snakes and an upside down, disembodied head.

The Fall Of The House Of Usher - Escape version of the classic E.A.P tale.

The Invaders - A man with a nagging wife makes contact with aliens.

North Of Polaris - Astronauts discover alien rats and humans on an apparently deserted planet.

S.S San Pedro - Men on a doomed ship are accompanied by a corpse-like man, a mysterious Dr. Percival.

Tales Of Tomorrow

The Old Die Rich - Men are turning up starved to death; rich men, who can afford all the food they need and much more! Do an evil and alluring female scientist and her time machine hold the answer?

The Clock

Aunt Emmy - A young woman visits her aunt Emmy, who unfortunately, lives near an area where an insane woman has escaped from a local mental hospital. Now, Aunt Emmy seems to be acting a little weird....

Chet Chetter's Tales From The Morgue

Excursions In Fear - A very "Creepshow-esque" double feature. The first story is about a man who finds a horrifying way of dealing with the sale of his property for delinquent taxes. The second is about a man who hates cars. He hates them so much, he actually has a job crushing them….that is, until…

Peace To The Frifalites - A father warns his son not to take his rocket ship into outer space. Sure enough, the kid finds himself in a jam!

Elmer And The Book Of Absolute Truth - A pig farmer is summoned to the home of an eccentric multi-millionaire, who wishes to discuss a proposition.

Elmer Meets Death - There is an old abandon house on Main Street. Odd noises are eminating from it. Is it haunted?

Elmer Versus The Invaders - Elmer is asked to navigate a flying saucer to another planet by an alien. He soon discovers he might just be dinner.

Elmer Versus The Mutant Mole Rats - Miss Maddox calls Elmer in distress. It seems her home has been invaded by mutant mole rats!

Escape From The Mysterious Island Pt. 1 - Elmer wins a free cruise to a mysterious island, and of course, you never know what you'll find on a mysterious island....

Escape From The Mysterious Island Pt. 2 - Part 2 of this mysterious, but hilarious tale.

Sleep No More

The Woman In Grey - A man invents the ghost of a "woman in grey" who "goes after" those he disagrees with.

Aunt Cassie - Poor old Aunt Cassie, sweet, but sometimes a bit annoying with her imaginings that she can talk to the dead....

DOUBLE FEATURE - 1. Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobblies - A man claims to have invisible little friends who predict horrible happenings. 2. August Heat - An artist is mysteriously lead to a man who is engraving a tombstone, his! (This story also appears in this library by Suspense.)

DOUBLE FEATURE - 1. To Build A Fire - What is it like to freeze to death? By Jack London. 2. Three Skeleton Key - Three men find themselves battling thousands of rats.

DOUBLE FEATURE - 1. Over The Hill - A man lives in his imagination for 3 glorious days. 2. The Man In The Black Hat - A man aquires a free car from a bizarre man in a black hat. Of course, nothing is ever really free...

DOUBLE FEATURE - 1. Waxworks - A poor jounalist in invited to spend the night in a creepy wax museum for a sum of money. 2. The Man And The Snake - A man is terrified by a snake that has gotten into his room.

DOUBLE FEATURE - 1. The Banquo's Chair - A crime is solved via supernatural means. 2. The Coward - The story of a man whose moral fiber is not enough to sustain him in the face of a crisis.

DOUBLE FEATURE - 1. Thus, I Refute Beelzy - A little boy has an imaginary friend who might just be the devil. 2. The Book Shop - The story of a most unusual old bookshop.

Horror and Ghost Stories - Librivox

The Spider by Hans Heinz Ewers - Clarimonda sits at her window spinning, waiting for the next tenant of No. 7.....

A Ghost Story by Mark Twain - I seemed groping among the tombs and invading the privacy of the dead, that first night I climbed up to my quarters.

The Empty House by Algernon Blackwood - Undeniably the rooms were utterly empty, and the house utterly still. ...

Laura by Saki - I never said I was going to die. I am presumably going to leave off being Laura, but I shall go on being something. An animal of some kind, I suppose....

Phantasmagoria by Lewis Carroll - a satirical poem about a ghost that haunts a house.

The Shadows On The Wall by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman - A death brings with it an unexplained shadow on the wall.

Uncle Abraham's Romance by E. Nesbit - An uncle tells the tale of his long ago ghostly romance.

Mystery Playhouse

Those Who Walk In Darkness - A blind man is haunted by the voice of a man whose eyes were harvested, against his will, to bring back his sight. Stars Boris Karloff, hosted by Peter Lorre.

Mysterious Traveler

The Man The Insects Hated - Our story begins in a laboratory, in a crumbling mansion, deep in the swamps of Louisiana....

Richard Diamond Private Detective

Haunted House - A woman asks a detective to spend the night in her house, which she suspects is haunted.

The Creaking Door

Cat Woman - A woman turns into a giant, murderous cat.

The Hermit's Cave

It Happened Sunday - A widower meets a woman and falls in love. There is only one hitch, it seems his wife has returned from the dead.

Fever - A selfish old man is determined to keep his money to himself. So determined, he rurns from the dead to be sure.

Quiet Please

Calling All Souls - An innocent man, waiting for execution, astrally projects from his body and communicates with the spirits of those he is accused of murdering. On All Souls Eve!

Prest-O, Change-O, I'm sure - A man tells the story of how he came into possession of a magic wand and the supernatural adventures that followed.

The Man Who Stole A Planet - An archaeologist steals an odd crystal globe of the Earth on an excursion to Mexico.

A Night To Forget - A supernatural radio show writer begins to dream he is dead.

We Were Here First - A tale of a battle with giants.

I Remember Tomorrow - A man tells a tale of time travel, but is it a good idea to really know the future?

Bring Me To Life - An author's type writer begins to type by itself and every thing it types, comes true!

The Haunting Hour

Breakdown - Is Greystone Park haunted? People are seeing ghosts and spooky things are happening...

A Corpse There Was - A housekeeper tells the tale of two friends, one who carves his own headstone and another who wanders the cemetery. They tell her they need her and want her to stay...forever.

The Whistler

Patience For The Doctor - A family traveling in a remote area must stop for help at the home of a hidiously disfigured doctor and his weird wife.

Apparition - A dead man retuns from the grave to straighten up how he wants his inheritance to be handled.

The Avengers - A man's dead brother returns from the grave to seek revenge.

Shrunken Head - A young heiress goes to stay at Medford Manor, the home of her uncle, a man who collects shrunken heads.

2000 Plus

The Men From Mars - Kids from the future decide build a rocketship and travel to Mars.

A Veteran Comes Home - A G.I from a war on Mars discovers his little boy wants to enlist.

The Rocket And The Skull - An astronaut begins to hear voices after a crash. Who is he communicating with and why?

Sam Spade

The Fairly-Bright Caper - Sam Spade is hired to work an unexpectedly spooky Halloween party.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Escape Escape - Escapees from an army prison confront a weird old woman with a cauldron and cat, a giant ant and bizarre, killer plants.

The Spectral Bride - A man marries the daughter of an alchemist, only to have her die and return from the grave to beg her husband to have her father bring her back to life, despite his hesitations.

The Frontiers Of Fear - A con man acquires a possessed type writer that makes everything he types come true.

Too Many Women Can Kill You - A rich young woman vows to return to her secretly cheating hubby after death.

The Real Printer's Devil - A young couple come across a "dream apartment" at an unbelievable price. But of course, as we all know, there is always a price…

A Lady Never Loses Her Head - A young woman discovers she eerily resembles the dead ancestor of her new husband. Now the ancestral ghost has returned to the family castle…

Stay Out Of Dutchman's Woods - A young couple venture into haunted Dutchman's Woods and discover it's horrible secret.

Witch's Almanac - An innocent young woman goes to stay with a kindly old couple who have a horrible secret, they're witches!


The Devil's Backbone - Fortune seekers discover a creature that guards an underwater treasure.

The Book Of Hell - A publisher gets a chance at a book about Hell, by an author who has been dead for 2 years!

Guest Of Honor - An old woman throws the ultimate party with the ultimate party guest, death himself!

Future Fear - What if you had a television that showed you the future? What if you really didn't like what you saw....

Cemetery Stop - A widowed bus driver meets a mysterious woman who insists that a closed cemetery, is indeed, her stop, night after night.

The Fatal Eggs - A scientific mixup leads to the generation of giant snakes.

Child's Play - A woman inherits her childhood home, the setting of her parents murder years before.

Gerald - Poor little Gerald's dog is dead, tortured to death. Now his best friend has been mangled...

The Last Visit - A traveling couple find themselves running into the same mysterious stranger, over and over, in a very odd town indeed.

Daddy's Girl - A man travels to Africa and meets tour guide who has a daughter, a real daddy's girl.

Hands Off - A scientist discovers an aggression formula, which, unfortunately, a lab assistant spills on the floor. Horrific and disastrous results ensue!

The Cruel Husband - An ancient castle in which a woman inexplicably lay dying. Why does she insist her castle be cold and barren at the time of her death?

Beauty's Beast - When a beautiful model is in an accident and loses her looks, her scientist father uses a treatment he has invented to restore her beauty.

The Body Snatchers - Nightfall's worthy version of the classic tale.

All Nighter - A woman working in a laundrymat discovers blood in the dryer. Then she finds human skin...then...

Inner Sanctum

Devil's Workshop - A man works in a waxwork, designing evil figures. Now, the devil is missing and a man with a skull for a head demands he design a face for him, a face like his...

The Magic Tile - A woman is able to see the dead in a magic tile.

The Bog Oak Necklace - A skeleton is found wearing a bog oak necklace. Now revenge and ghosts are on the loose!

The Judas Clock - A cursed clock brings death to those who own it.

Beneficiary...Death - When a man in an accident is confused with a corpse, he and his wife try to fool the insurance compay. Ghoulish irony ensues.

Corridor Of Doom - Boris Karloff stars as a man who awakens to discover himself in an eerie hospital with a long corridor. A corridor of doom!

Appointment With Death - A man comes upon a weird mansion, in which a woman claims she has an appointment with death.

Death Demon - A young man uses supernatural means to raise his murdered father from the dead to extract revenge.

No Rest For The Dead - A man sells his brain to a vengeful doctor. Now the doctor is dead and a Mr. Macabre has made the scene.

Strange Passenger - A man picks up a strange passenger, a lovely young woman who may just be dead!

Corpse Without A Conscience - An old woman tells her nephew that a man , whose property she now owns, has retuned from the dead.

Study For Murder - Boris Karloff plays a haunted psychologist who turns out to be a bit of a sicko himself.