- Listen Free

Fear You Can Hear - Amazing free collection of OTR shows to listen to or download.

http://www.dumb.com/oldtimeradio/ - Large archive, a variety of types of shows. Listen free, streaming.

Archive.org - Public domain archive with many OTR shows to download free.

OTR.Network Library - Listen to a variety of more than 12,000 shows (at last count, they are always adding). Must have Real Player to hear.

Zoot Radio - Tons of free (download) radio here. Requires membership (free).

Librivox - Audio versions (MP3) of public domain novels and short stories. A lot of classic horror here.

http://www.oldtimeradiofans.com/ - Large archive of downloadable MP3 shows.

- Info Sites

RadioHorrorHosts.com - Online guide to Radio's Horror Hosts from OTR to present. Wonderful site with profiles and info galore on Horror OTR hosts and shows.

OTR Plot Spot - On-line guide to plots from many Horror / SciFi OTR shows.

Radio Gold Index - Is that title Crime? Comedy or Horror? Find out in this extensive OTR plot guide.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide - On-line guide to CBS Radio Mystery Theater Plots.

- Tribute Sites

CBS Radio Mystery Theater - This site contains ALL 1399 shows, download free. Synopsis and more. Just a fantastic site over all.

Quiet Please! - Very well accomplished Quiet Please! tribute site, includes downloads, forum, scripts and more.

- Horror OTR Forums

Classic Horror Film Board - Classic Horror Film Board OTR area.

- Purchase OTR

OTR Cat - OTR Cat sells horror collections and much more for very reasonable prices. We have always been very pleased in our dealings with them. Highly recommended.

Sean O'Brien's Old Time Radio Depot - These guys have it all, cheap. Even some shows we have never seen available elsewhere.

- Subscription OTR

Mysteryshows.com - Thousands of shows, all types, accessible for a one time $10 donation. Huge FREE area.

Are You Sitting Comfortably? AKA RUSC - Pay for download service. A nice collection here, nicely organized and easy to navigate. Includes episode and show information.